Friday, January 6, 2012

The History behind the Name Frederick John

Frederick John Moran, Sr.'s (1900-1981) mother was Mary Catherine Manley Moran (1871-1938). She was married to James Joseph Moran (1870-1943).

Mary's parents were Anthony B.(1836-1881) and Ellen Frances Manley (1844-1938). Ellen was from Ireland. Anthony was born in England, but his parents were from Ireland.

Anthony had a younger brother named Frederick John (1840-1914), and their father's name was John. Anthony and Fred both had their first child, girls, in Tennessee, and named them both Mary - Fred's Mary E (1867) and Anthony's Mary Catherine (1871. Anthony's second child, Elizabeth Manley Buck, was born in Pennsylvania. Fred, his family, and his father, John, remained in Pennsylvania. Anthony moved his family to San Francisco, popping up in a city directory in 1877. His next child and first son was Frederick John (1876-1900). Mary Catherine had her second child, a son, a few months after her younger brother, Fred, died, and named her son after him.

So the name Frederick John was a Manley tribute and still lives on in Hawaii and Pennsylvania!

Frederick John Manley, Sr.

Frederick John Manley

Frederick John Moran, Sr.

Fred J. Moran III

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